Do you want Blogger Adsense Approval Within Just One Month?

  • Google Ad Networks is the largest trusted ad network. If someone asks you, what is the Best Ad Network For Website, anyone will say google AdSense without thinking about anything.
  • Google AdSense is the best ad network for websites, blogs, youtube etc but you need to work hard.
  • Getting Google Adsense is not as difficult as it sounds
  • previously AdSense has approved the articles which has written in English.
  • But the good thing is that AdSense is also given to Telugu blogs
  • I have written only twelve articles for my website and got AdSense. It also writes articles in our Telugu language

You’d think that getting Google Adsense would only be possible for intellectuals, but that’s not the right idea

Rocket science is no more.

Important points that I learned in order to learn about the things needed to get Adsense Approval

  • TLD-Top Level Domain
  • About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions These pages are a must
  • The Design Theme should be very neat and clear
  • Using unnecessary widgets does not confuse the site
  • You should write at least ten to fifteen articles with good content
  • Images designed by others should not be used on the site for coffee, and if there are any copy images removed from the website immediately.
  • A good logo is important, logo design can be done very easily, even on mobile. I’ve designed my website logo on mobile
  • Don’t leave unnecessary widgets in the sidebar
  • This site is available 24/7 for those who want to design a website and earn money


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